The Polyps

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"Formerly known as the Polyp Family, this amorphous group is led by songwriter Raf Spielman (also a member of The Golden Hours, who are responsible for the quietest tape ever released by Not Not Fun). The Polyps play stripped-down, deceptively simple, well-crafted pop songs, complicated by Spielman's tactic of teaching musicians his songs and recording them on the spot, before they have a chance to digest the structure. They often record straight to dictaphone mini-tape, transforming the songs into a series of moments captured in glorious, shambling lo-fi." - WFMU

The Polyps have a limited release record out now from digitalis industries and other tapes/records at Eggy Records. Wheat (below) is reviewed here.

LCMR006 [digital] / EGGY02 [cassette]

1. Wheat Side A
(Every Key, White Linoleum, Axe no Axe, Doctor, [Moonwalk], The Cemetery, "Please Pass", Henry Polyp Reports, [Dog Drums])
2. Wheat Side B
(Sing Saw, Calendar, "Cem Karaca", Fat and Blood, "Concubines", Fennel's Daughter, The Rows, [Garden Polyps])