LCMR006 / EGGY02 The Polyps

1. Wheat Side A
(Every Key, White Linoleum, Axe no Axe, Doctor, [Moonwalk], The Cemetery, "Please Pass", Henry Polyp Reports, [Dog Drums])
2. Wheat Side B
(Sing Saw, Calendar, "Cem Karaca", Fat and Blood, "Concubines", Fennel's Daughter, The Rows, [Garden Polyps])

LCMR005 The Blood Lemons
(unofficial Songs of Sevastopol release) APE SHIT

1. Train of Thought (early mix)
2. Train of Thought (other mix)
3. A Nice Waif (WHIPPED)
4. Ghost

LCMR004 Various Artists
LCMR Int'l Label Sampler vol 1

1. woyzeck - horse split
2. musstardds - many arms
3. pole position - albayzin
4. puppen - bad habit
5. lame drivers - change your mind
6. king nebukadnezar - all mighty
7. anoiz - 1023wake1024
8. bear bones - moon shine
9. chain reaction - right thru

LCMR003 Lame Drivers
The Captain Amazing EP
(click here to download entire album [zip])

1. captain amazing
2. lemme get those numbers down
3. gods of thunder and lightning strike!!
4. beaten path
5. take it with a drink or two
(bonus tracks)
6. memorial day
7. beat beat
8. superbomb
9. hangman's code
10. wits out

LCMR002 2nightmayorezzz
(click here to download entire album [zip])

1. kill all the innocent
2. last summer on earth
3. chargrilled woman
4. emotional barbecue

LCMR001 Lame Drivers
Let Them Eat Tape
(click here to download entire album [zip])

1. change your mind
2. sharks and minnows
3. many arms
4. last call for violence
5. already said it
6. get distracted
7. excess